Friendship is something that is beautiful when it grows throughout the years. The friends we meet in college teach us how to be patient, motivate you during those nights you just didn't want to study, reaching out and asking for help, and trying new hobbies. When we move into young adulthood we learn more about taking responsibility, finding a career path, and seeking out people as mentors.

Good friends are open, genuine, and honest with each other. They tolerate each other’s frailties, appreciate their differences, and honestly criticize when necessary. Over many years, they participate in each other’s celebrations and marriages, and in their children’s and grandchildren’s milestones.

Simply put, good friendships are some of the best stuff in life.

*Belinda graduated with her ASN (Associates degree RN) from Mercyhurst Northeast University.

*Meghan graduated with her bachelors in healthcare management from Mercyhurst University.

*Amanda graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from Gannon University.

Amanda will be getting married this fall and moving to Japan while her husband is stationed there and will work as a physical therapist.

Belinda will continue her education to get her BSN (Bachelors of Nursing)

Meghan is currently working on her masters of healthcare administration at Gannon University and will finish up in December.

Belinda and Meghan have been friends since freshmen year six years ago at Kent State and have both transferred out into other schools only to transfer to Mercyhurst together to finish their degrees!! Amanda and Meghan have been friends for a year and a half through the Texas roadhouse family.

It was such a pleasure working with you ladies, please enjoy a preview of your gallery, Congrats Graduates!!

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