Words can not express the joys of new life. If this past year has taught us anything, it is to cherish those who are close to you in life. Mandi + Amanda have been best friends since 2016. It couldn't be coincidence that they would also endure months of pregnancy together to add to their friendship. This will be Amanda's third Child and Mandi's first, having a friend like Amanda is a blessing to be able to guide Mandi and help her throughout her pregnancy. Lovers of wine and wings these two ladies friendship just continues to grow!

My beloved sister, you have taken on a lot of roles in your lifetime. You've been a daughter, a bestfriend, a sister, a wife and so much more. In a few months, you will take on a new role – probably the most important role you will ever take on....becoming a mother. Being your brother I cant give you any advice on being a mother, but what I can tell you is....you will be just fine. You've dealt with me your entire life! I am the youngest and the rebel child and even now at the age of 30 you still tell me what to do. You're basically a natural mother. You're stronger and braver than me in many ways, and I guess that's because you were always my designated 'keeper'. With Amanda by your side, I know there isn't any issue you two ladies cant tackle together!

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