Hello, I am Trevor Knight

I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years before putting down my rifle and picking up a camera for the first time. After my time in the military, I spent almost 2 years traveling and documenting my life on the road and all the beautiful wildlife along the way. Capturing moments and being behind a camera helped me with my own personal PTSD and allowed me to connect fully with other people. 

Being a desperate romantic, I devote a huge part of my photography journey to the wedding and engagement department. Photography is my life and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I just love capturing all the fleeting and wonderful moments for my beautiful clients, and the best thing about being a photographer is that I get to meet such wonderful people and capture beautiful memories.

Your shoot is all about making memories and spending quality time together. Whether it’s a portrait shoot or your wedding day, I promise you’ll enjoy yourselves and have those precious memories captured forever.

Rebecca + Ashley // Erie, PA

Absolutely blown away by the photos Trevor Knight did for us!! Seriously, this was the most fun I have ever had in front of a camera!

Meghan // erie, pa

Trevor Knight with Sage + Cedar is AMAZING at what he does and I can’t wait for more shoots with him.

Amanda // erie, pa

I can not express how much fun my shoot was. Trevor is super talented behind the camera. Very creative and never a boring shoot! Have any type of occasion or event or even because it’s Wednesday and you’re feeling yourself.... contact him!