Now these two were the definition

of true love

It was a bright, warm & sunny day for Patrick + Mandi. After multiple reschedules, this couple of 3 years built on patience and unconditional love were finally getting to say "I do".

Beach Glass Estates in NorthEast, PA created a beautiful backdrop to their big day. Surrounded by lush greens, blushes and cozy creams among a beautiful historic chapel along the coast of Lake Erie, Mandi's vision was coming to life. The girls spent the morning chatting and sharing stories from the brides childhood. Patrick and the guys enjoyed down time, rough housing with the groomsmen and relaxing before the start of the day.

The Bride & Groom opted out of a first look and decided to read letters to each other. Couples photos were taken in front of the beautiful view of Lake Erie, the excitement could be felt radiating through the entire venue. Parents and friends watched from afar while enjoying some cocktails with a beautiful view on the outside deck to the venue.

The ceremony, the beautiful letters by the bride + groom, and the energy was perfect. The day was filled with immense love and joy. It is weddings like this that make being an Erie, PA photographer so much better. We have these pockets of stunning scenes, Thank you again to Patrick + Mandi and I wish you both endless well wishes on your future together!

Credit to the venders

VENUE : Beach Glass Estates - Northeast, PA

DRESS : The Winner - Sharon, PA

FLORIST : Gerlach's Garden & Floral - Erie, PA

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